"It is my passion to analyze and improve web traffic and make websites awesome while doing it."


SEO is the practice of increasing organic web traffic through testing, analysis, UI/UX and technical optimization. I have +12 years of experience and a proven track record of increasing my clients web traffic with safe white-hat SEO strategies.

The below chart is an example of YoY improvement for a client of mine.


Trending Google Search Algorithm Factor
Optimizing for users is an emerging trend in the Google Algorithm. ClickMaps and HeatMaps are two of many tools that will help optimize your conversion funnel.
How a ScrollMap can help optimize your traffic.
The ScrollMap highlights unseen content on webpages. If the information users aren't seeing is important, move it up or onto a new page. Conversely if it isn't important, remove it! Keep that unseen module from slowing down your PageSpeed a major Factor in Google's algorithm.
The ScrollMap has faded meaning 0% of users scrolled below the end of the colored portion. We were able to considerably speed up this page by removing the modules below gaining more traffic to these pages, while providing a faster/better user experience.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO requires coding knowledge, which allows you to directly communicate with Google on important topics such as PageSpeed, Site Content and more.
If SEO is a spice, it's garlic. If you try to bake a website and throw in SEO as an afterthought late in the process, you're going to end up with raw Garlic SEO.
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