"Below are some examples of work from my time with Porch Light Group."


HomePage above the fold is the most visible portion of any website, we used analytics and heatmaps to design our top nav to get users to their desired content as quickly as possible.

I developed the top nav (transparent/sticky), the redesign of the search bar and set the background image to scale correctly on larger devices.

City & Hood

The City & Hood search page was critical in moving users through the conversion funnel towards the content they were seeking.

I developed the search bar, added a 'back to top' button that stayed anchored to the bottom right of the page, and optmized the page speed increasing total visits and total page conversions.


I created the testimonial to website process at Porch Light Group, and implemented it along with others on the dev team, an agent testimonial would go from client to website with no agent action necessary.


I was tasked with improving the sign-in/sign-up/password-recovery process by adding a visual indicator to the active form field, correctly redirecting users who completed the password recovery process and streamlining the process based on current best practices.